Fee - waste disposal 2018

Annual fee for the disposal of household waste and other comparable waste.

Basic Fees

Price/year Including VAT
Single-family house/permanent residents/businesses  630 sek
Tenant buildings / apartement 526 sek
Vacation homes 526 sek




Assembly fees

Price / year (emptying every 14 days)

Receptacle size Including VAT
130 - 140 L   1 721 sek
190 L 2 350 sek
370 L 4 015 sek
660 L 5 995 sek

The assembly fee is reduced by 40% when using approved compost.

Vacation home owners recieve a 50% reduction in the assembly fees which occurs during the period May 1 - September 30.

Vacation home owners have the right to waive assembly of waste receptacles and instead deliver their refuse at the waste and recycle station at a cost of 60 sek including VAT / bag.

Businesses granted assembly once a week will be charged with a double assembly fee.

Reduction of fees based to the self-haul distance to pick-up route

0 - 400 m = Full fee
400 - 1 500 m = Basic fee + ½ retrieval fee
Över 1 500 m = Basic fee

Latrine from vacation homes

Disposable reseptacles including    Including VAT
reception and treatement.  
This applies only to receptacles  
collected in Åsele or fredrika  
municipal facilities.  
Customers will provide transport  
of well sealed and externally   
cleaned to the municipal 1 694 sek / 
waste and recycling station. receptacle 


Cost - receptacle/change

  Size      Including VAT
Price for receptacles 130 L    670 sek
  190 L    736 sek
  370 L 1 380 sek
  660 L 2 705 sek
Cost change of receptacle        425 sek

When changing to a larger size receptacle, the costumer will pay a fee of  425 sek including VAT in addition to the difference in price between the smaller and larger size receptacle.

When switching to a smaller size receptacle, the customer does not have the right to a refund of the difference in price but will pay the price for change of receptacle.

Senast uppdaterad: 2018-01-23